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Below you will find screenshots, descriptions and links to website projects we have built at Nijher Digital. This will help you understand some of the work that we do and have done for our clients. If you have any questions or would like something similar done for your website, please send us a message and we will connect with you.

Threat IQ

Threat IQ is a one stop shop for all things Cybersecurity! Threat IQ provides both Operational Technology (OT) Cybersecurity services as well as Information Technology (IT) Cybersecurity services. In addition they also provide Cybersecurity Consulting as a service. Re-Branded as Threat IQ in 2018, this company spent the last 5 years growing their business to become a competitive player in the Cybersecurity market.

It was a great experience working with the Threat IQ in re-building and modernizing their website! After strategically growing their business in the last 5 years, Threat IQ greatly required an upgrade to their website to match their current service offerings as well as a professional design that showcased their branding and expertise.

After understanding their services structure through sessions with the Threat IQ team, we went to work to create “wireframes”. Wireframes are blueprints of webpages that help determine the design and layout of the various pages on a website. We used wireframes to finalize the layout and design of the various services pages that helped both the Threat IQ team understand what we were going to build, as well as our team internally to understand what design and layout we were going to use to build out their new website.

This website was built out using WordPress and Elementor integrating their brand colours elegantly across the entire website. This website contains approximately 40 pages with the majority of them being webpages for all of the services they offer. You will notice that the services pages are strategically organized under 3 categories, available systematically as the visitor clicks through the various service categories.

With this foundation now built, we will be continuously working with the Threat IQ team to add more content and features to their website.

Project Details

Client Name: Threat IQ
Website URL: https://www.threatiq.io/
Platform: WordPress
Visual Builder Used:  Elementor
Year Built: 2023
Industry: IT (Cybersecurity)

Garcha Tax

Garcha Tax & Consulting, a small local accounting business that helps their clients file their personal and business taxes.

As the business boomed through referrals, the owner of this business could not find the time to learn WordPress and complete the website he had started for his company.

We offered to help. He accepted.

At the core of any website are 2 things: Brand and content. Both were something top of mind for us as we built this one page website out for our client. As you can see from the screenshot and website itself, we spent the time integrating his brand from top to bottom including a personal touch with a blurred photo of him in the banner. The website is mobile friendly with a proper sticky navigation that follows the user throughout the webpage.

A simple, yet professional design that gives this business a competitive edge in the local account market. What are your thoughts?

Project Details

Client Name: Garcha Tax & Consulting
Website URL: https://garchatax.com/
Platform: WordPress
Visual Builder Used:  Template Specific
Year Built: 2023
Industry: Finance

Optical King

A local Optical Store that offers branded prescription eyeglasses as well as sunglasses and contact lenses.

The owner of this optical store came to us with a broken website, that was slow to load, had broken links, and missing images.

Luckily, he came to us at the right time. Because his hosting space was also expiring and auto renew of the hosting plan was turned off.

The client wanted:

  • A simple design,
  • Display the store contact info,
  • Showcase info on the latest deals,
  • A form for customers to book an eye exam.

We suggested a one-page layout that would fulfill his requirement for a simple website and would be budget friendly.

We refreshed the layout, re-imagined the styling of the content, keeping the store branding in mind.

The new layout is:

  • Simple and elegant,
  • Has a clean navigation,
  • Mobile and tablet friendly.

What more can a client ask for?

Project Details

Client Name: Optical King
Website URL: https://opticalking.ca/
Platform: WordPress
Visual Builder Used: Elementor
Year Built: 2022
Industry: Retail

Spa 6ix

Spa 6ix is not like any other medical aesthetics clinic. They are a specialized, non-surgical clinic that provides a beauty experience to help their customers achieve natural beauty results.

This is why we worked very closely with Mandy Purba, the founder and owner of Spa 6ix, when building out this website for her. We spent time with her to understand her vision for the website, the branding and colors, and features she wanted on the website. We then built the website using a simple Elementor theme in WordPress. The images chosen for the website flow perfectly with the copy (text), layout and transitions – complimenting the design and the company brand colors.

Project Details

Client Name: Spa 6ix
Website URL: https://spa6ix.com/
Platform: WordPress
Visual Builder Used:  Elementor
Year Built: 2022
Industry: Health & Beauty

Bowling Green Logistics

A small business that started in the basement and has grown to offices across North America! Bowling Green Logistics was established with the sole aim of enabling growth, by providing efficient and prompt logistics, freight forwarding & transportation solutions for EX/IM bound cargo.

As the company has grown, so has their requirement for a professionally designed website that showcases all of their services, locations and company information. We built their website with this in mind.

The WordPress theme that was used to build their website several years ago was out of date and no longer supported. It was conflicting with the latest version of WordPress causing bugs and they knew their website needed to be re-built with a better and updated theme. Having said that, they wanted to keep the design of the website the same. 

With this requirement in mind, we re-built the company website with a popular, up to date and supported theme without compromising on the original design (with some visual upgrades of course!). They were very happy with the result and surprised that this was even possible. 

We are also now maintaining their website monthly so their website continues to stay updated. 

Project Details

Client Name: Bowling Green Logistics
Website URL: https://bowlinggreenlogistics.com/
Platform: WordPress
Visual Builder Used: Elementor
Year Built: 2022
Industry: Logistics

Gurdwara Karamsar Rara Sahib

A Sikh Temple located in the city of Ludhiana, India, Gurdwara Karamsar Rara Sahib is a holy place that has been a site of meditation by two great personalities (the founders of the Gurdwara), where they tirelessly devoted themselves to God.

The previous version of this Gurdwara (Temple) website was severely out of date – both from a content, as well as a design & layout perspective. Sant Baljinder Singh Ji (the current Spiritual Leader of this Temple) wanted to re-design the website with content that both provided information and history about the Temple, as well as the great work he and others in collaboration have done to digitize spiritual texts into PDFs and mobile applications. Merging content from 2 different (but related) websites, we re-imagined the design and layout of the new and improved Gurdwara website. You will notice the design to be simple, yet elegant, and the website performance to be superfast. On the backend, we strategically choose the right plugins to use on the website, along with the premium theme we picked to build the website – making sure performance and speed of the website are not compromised.

Project Details

Client Name: Gurdwara Karamsar Rara Sahib
Website URL: https://rarasahib.com/
Platform: WordPress
Visual Builder Used: Template specific
Year Built: 2022
Industry: Non-Profit


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