Hardeep Nijher - Founder & CEO

Hello. My name is Hardeep Nijher and I have over 12 years of experience in the IT industry. I make websites and help entrepreneurs & small businesses enhance their online presence by building digital experiences for their customers.

It has become essential for businesses in this decade and beyond to be “Digital” and create digital experiences for their customers. A website that provides information about your business has become the bare minimum to a digital presence. Creating online experiences through your website and or social media helps entrepreneurs and businesses provide value to their existing customers and attract new customers.

As a business owner you must build trust with your clients. Having an updated, well designed, professional looking website helps build that trust and is an expectation that all customers have for any business. Your website is the foundation for all things in the digital world and helps you unlock the potential to build amazing interaction with your customers and potential customers that will benefit your business in countless ways. Therefore, it is important for this foundation to be looked after, nurtured, and kept relevant as the digital world evolves. 


Web Design & Development is my Passion

At Nijher Digital, I work with entrepreneurs & small business owners, to build this very important foundation, keep it updated, and build on top of it. I am passionate about web design, I understand the digital world and how it works, and have over 12 years of expertise at my fingertips to help business owners like you achieve your customers trust and ultimately help in increasing your business revenue!

I founded Nijher Digital because I want to help entrepreneurs and small business owners practice being “Digital” and that starts with having a good website to centralize their digital presence. The terms “Digital Transformation” & “Digital Experience” are typically used in a corporate setting. But these terms also need to be brought more commonly to the small business & entrepreneur level. It is just as important for small businesses and entrepreneurs to shift their businesses online / create online businesses and online experiences, as it is for corporate companies. In fact – smaller businesses and entrepreneurs can typically do it faster than large corporations, due to the size of their business & company.

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Jumping From Corporate to Entrepreneurship

I started my career 12 years ago as a Web Developer working at IBM for several years. I later advanced my corporate career by diving into the management side, most recently working as a Senior Manager at Aviva Canada. As a Senior Manager for the Digital Engineering department, I was responsible for a 30-person team with end-to-end ownership of the entire APIs team, providing technical & people leadership across all project deliveries. In my 5 years at Aviva, I helped build numerous web applications (both internal and external facing), along with helping my teams grow in their career by coaching, mentoring, guiding them, and developing a great team and working culture.

I am now bringing my 12 years of corporate experience to the business world. I am passionate about website development and obsessed with building websites and web applications that deliver great customer experiences. My mission with Nijher Digital is to educate and help as many entrepreneurs & small business owners have an updated, well-designed website that then in turn allows them to create amazing digital experiences for their customers!


You can also directly send us an email at: contact@nijherdigital.com to set up an appointment with us.

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